The Blue Steel memorabilia books!

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As he explains in the forward - Ginge Booth was "volunteered" to co-ordinate memorabilia and memories and put them together into a book which would serve as one of the lasting reminders of the 1999 reunion. A lot of hard work later and the 1999 book was born - the front cover is shown in the photo.

Eventually the 1999 document grew to 101 pages, click above for the index to contents and also for a list of photographs.

So on the "slightly bad news" front - both Ginge and I were starting from scratch with MS Publisher. In my case I had to try to get up the curve in the last couple of weeks before printing, so we dropped the ball in a couple of places - so you may need to click above for the errata.

Finally on the book front..... Ginge improved and enlarged for the 2001 reunion!

You can download both books in PDF format. The 1999 one by clikcking here and the 2001 here. You will need a PDF reader - most people use the Adobe one but I prefer the faster and more compact Foxit from

Updated 21 Jul 2001

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