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In Australia - The Hornemans have also been busy.

Neil Horneman produced a CD "The Very best of Christian Frederik Emil HORNEMAN"

Christian was the 3rd child of Johan Ole Emil HORNEMAN & Agnes Camilla Scheuermann
- he was the stepson of Christian Horneman the minature painter.  - Johan was a child of Christian Horneman & Christine Juliane Frederica Gianelli

The Cd took over 6 months to produce as it involved many talks with 5 record companies - 1 from Sweden, 1 from the UK & 3 from Denmark. It was important to get it done this year as it was the 100th anniversary of his death on the 8th of June.
Sales of the CD will fund a plaque for Bertram Henry Horneman's Gravesite and the balance will help to restore Henry Alfred's grave site.

There are still copies of the CDs available from Neil at neilnh@optusnet.com.au the price is Aus $30 or NZ $35 and Neil will have some on sale at the reunion.

Since then Neil has also produced another CD "Forgotten Danish treasures of Johan Ole Emil Horneman"

Of the latter - Alison Sleath writes:

"This CD contains music that can be enjoyed by all. Kevin Hocking beautifully plays the delightful compositions on the piano. This is a CD that I recommend and is available for sale through Neil Horneman."

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Henry Alfred' Grave has unfortunately fallen into disrepair.
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In October 2003, a reunion was organised for the Horneman Family in Canberra's beautiful Botanic Gardens.  This was the first time such an event had been held in Australia.  The Reuinion was an outstanding success and enjoyed by 114 decendents of Henry Alfred Horneman.  Proceeds from a book compiled by Beryl Williams (nee Horneman) were sold at the Horneman Reunion and the proceeds from these sales paid for a plaque to be placed on the grave of Henry Alfred, his wife, daughter and grandson.


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