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More than 150 years ago some of our ancestors risked everything by sailing to New Zealand from England.

They were probably hoping for fame and fortune, a better life, marriage with 'prospects', or just to survive the voyage.



('Montage of Sketches depicting life on board an emigrant ship 1875' Ref  number MNZ-0661-1/4-F courtesy of the Alexander Turnbull Library National Library of NZ)

    In 2002 we had the first reunion to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of those Epic voyages.


(Click here for a larger 124 KB view) and HERE for more pictures from my Webshots album.

The 2002 reunion was a lot of work but was enormously successful. The committee must be barmy, but you helped to make it such a memorable occasion that many people wanted to do it again. So the second reunion was held at the Tatuanui Hall near Morinsville on 3rd & 4th March 2007 Again - it was also a great success - see pictures at http://picasaweb.google.com/eesaxon/NewZealandMarch2007# (but only bother with the first 22 pictures in that album - the rest are my travels with Betty around the mid-North Island after the event).

What happened between the reunions? Click here to find out.

We have set up a mailing list to keep all interested people informed, please Click here to join the (free :-) mailing list.

We are always interested to hear from relatives who have discovered some 'long lost' memorabilia or information. Please contact us if you would like to let others know about your finds.Click here to get a few ideas. 

Some of the attendees have spent lots of time and effort producing books and CDs which may be of interest to members or relatives of the 3 families. You can check them out here

The General CONTACT ADDRESS is jsaxon@pcug.org.au I will make sure that your queries etc. are sent to the relevant person promptly.

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