PCUG Connection procedures

Here are some procedures for setting up various operating systems to connect to the Canberra PC User's Group Internet system. The procedures include both dial-up (Modem) systems or Broadband (Via TransACT). ADSL is not covered (but is actually very similar to Broadband via TransACT). Each procedure is complete for easy printing. Procedure for Modem Installation and other items can be found in the trouble shooting procedures.

Procedures for configuring Outlook Express are included in each of the procedures below as these are equally important as the actual connection. Other programs can be used for Email, and these procedures can be used as a guide for them - and for other ISPs.

Of course you will need to be a member of the PCUG and subscribed for PCUG Internet access (either Dial-up or Broadband). When you have collected your User Name and Password - these procedures should get you connected and able to use Email and the WWW.

NOTE: If you are an existing PCUG Dial-up subscriber and want to change to Broadband (Assuming you have been connected by TransACT), you will need to contact the PCUG to change your account to Broadband. You can do this by phone, or complete the on-line form at https://www.tip.net.au/pcug/sub_bb

1. Windows 95 Dial-up

2. Windows 98 Dial-up

3. Windows ME Dial-up

4. Windows 2000 Dial-up

5. Windows XP Dial-up

6. Broadband (for all Windows systems)

7. Trouble Shooting Procedures

8. Broadband Routers, modems and Wireless

Useful URLs:
TIP Modem Check: www.tip.net.au/cgi-bin/modem-status.cgi
TIP/PCUG account status and usage: https://www.tip.net.au/user/

PCUG Centre phone number: 6253-4911

Any corrections, or suggestions for improvement gratefully accepted!
Call me on 6161-1524 (before 7pm please :-)

John Saxon (3 Feb 2003) Updated (11 Jan 2004)