John Saxon's Favourites

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A.A.T. Home Page
AAS Home Page
Comet C-1996 B2 (Hyakutake)
Extragalactic Databases (ned)
Larry Freeman's Calendar Origins Page
Mass. Uni. Astronomy Home Document
Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories Home Page
Nevil Eyre Home Page
PDS Home Page (Stardust)
Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
The Nine Planets
Welcome to PDSSBN


eBay Main Categories
jssaxon's stuff Homepage
mySimon inc. - Comparison Shopping Your Low Price Search Engine
Stuff - Australian autions
uBid Online Auction Computer Products You set the price


AAMI Insurance
American Express Home Page
ASX Share Prices
Australian Stock Exchange Home Page
Australian Stock Exchange
Bank of America Computer Checks
Bank of America HomeBanking
BankAmerica - Online Sign In
Colonial First State
Contact Bank of America
Intuit Home Page
Personal Investment Mag
QFN Homepage
QMate Home Page
Reckon Software Pty Ltd
St George Internet Banking
Stockmarket - PHW
The Credit Union of Canberra Ltd
Welcome to FREE-way

Digital Photography

Alix memory media
Beach Camera - Digital Cameras, Cameras, Camcorders, Film & Accessories
BUYCOMP.COM - The Internet Computer Superstore
Cannon PowerShot USA
Canon JP FAQ PowerShot S10
Canon Powershot A50 Digital Camera (Supreme Video)
Canon PowerShot S10
Canon Talk Forum Digital Photography Review
CKCPower S10 New Products
CompactFlash and Compact Flash memory pricing - Digital Cameras at
Digital Camera Center
Digital Camera Emporium
Digital Camera Gallery (Digcam)
Digital Camera Resource Page
Digital Cameras - Find best prices at 20-20Consumer, a FREE Service
Digital Cameras Digital Photography Review News, Reviews, Forums, FAQ
Digital Cameras, Digital Imaging, Digital Photography, Digital Scanners
eBay Listings Digital Cameras - 32MB COMPACT FLASH CARD FOR - Order Tracking - POWERSHOT S10 DIGITAL CAMERA
Kik Digital CompactFlash Cards (Aus) Webzine Digital Camera Reviews and Information Products For small business needs, we do the homework--you make the choice.
SanDisk Flash Memory Store Home Page
Steve's Digicams - Main Menu
Systems Unlimited Item No. SU698751
The Digipics
The PC Zone - Expect the Best!


Australian Family History Compendium
British Genealogical Resources
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Australia & New Zealand
Family History Research Register
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site- FamilyFinder Index - Online Genealogy Community
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
HAGSOC Main Page
Helm's Genealogy Toolbox - Overview
Lacy Bookmark File Login- Your free, private family web site with threaded discussions, calendar, chat, instant messaging, multimedia
Roots Surname List Name Finder #2
Roots Surname List Name Finder
The British Monarchy
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
UK+Ireland Genealogy


X-Link driverdownload
56K.COM - V.90, K56flex, and x2 56K Modem Page
56k= v.Unreliable
Advand Computer & Technology #2
Advand Computer & Technology
AMD K6 Upgrade Center [ Welcome ]
AS5300 modem status results
ASCII Computer Center
ATI Technologies Inc. On-Line
Build Your Own PC!
BUY.COM - The Internet Superstore
Cardex Challenger EV ET6000 PCI
CARDEX Graphics adapter Home page
c-net online - front door
Computer Marketplace Online
Computer Reference Resource Centers Hardware Resource Center
Concept Manufacturing
Concorde Computers
Controlling your Modem with AT Commands
Cougar Computers Canberra Home Page
CPU Central
Craig Hart's H-W & S-W Aus
Craig Peacock 's Interfacing The PC - Serial - RS-232 Port - Part 1
Curt's High Speed modem pages
Custom Computer Systems
Dick Perron's Hardware Information page
Digital Deals - Information Kit
Digital Deals - Insanely Great Prices on Computer Hardware!
Discount Technologies- Home page
Don's Workshop - DonTronics Home Page.
Electronics Australia Magazine
ELECTRONIX CORP, Electronic Parts for TV, VCR, Computer, and Audio Repair.
Epson What's New - You've Got To See It!
FREE Shipping! Virtual World
GKY Distributors #2
GKY Distributors
Great Modem help pages (UK)
HardwareCentral - Front Door
Harmony Computers WWW Home Page.
Index of -~sfr-modems-2000-02
InfoSpace - X2 Sweepstakes
Intel Secrets Monthly Edition -- September '97
Iomegazine - Table of Contents
ISN - Your Personal Computer Superstore
iWorld Welcomes Text-Only Browsers
Madmick Tyan Tweaks
Maestro Support files
Mel's Cafe
Modem AT Command Set
Motherboard HomeWorld - motherboard home
Motherboard HomeWorld - #2
Motherboard HomeWorld -
Motherboard Information
Mustek Scanners
NetMarket H-W Aus
Obsolete Computer Museum
ONSALE - Auctions of Computers and Electronics
OpticPro scanners Tech support
PC Mall- Main Page
Pickles Auctions
Powerleap Customer Support
Price Watch - Street Price Search Engine
Quarterdeck- HUB
R C Systems, Inc ~ (908) 613-1107
ROCKWELL Semiconductor Systems
Rogers WAVE
Sharky Extreme
SMC used H-W (US)
Sparco- World's Largest Computer Catalog
Spot the Motherboard Search Engine
System Optimization - PC Hardware and Performance Guide! #2
System Optimization - PC Hardware and Performance Guide! #3
System Optimization - PC Hardware and Performance Guide!
Tech Support FAQ Index
TEKRAM Technology WWW Server
The Award Home Page
The Computer Closet - Classic Computers and Video Games
The Cyrix 6x86 Upgrade Advice Guide!
the Fast Graphics Site
the good guys!
The Hard Disk Database -- CMOS and Jumper Settings for Over 5900 Hard Drives!
The Mainboard Guide
The Overclocker's FAQ
The SOURCE For Big Savings on Printer Supplies
The TEAC CD55A Windows 95 Driver Rant and Rave Page
TheRef (tm) Drive and Controller Guide
Tom's Hardware Guide
Tseng Labs, Inc.
Tyan S1562 Tomcat I System Board
Unicore Frame
Welcome to AuctionPC!
Welcome to BuyNow Computers!
Welcome to Mobile Planet
Welcome to Virtual Technologies
Windows Networking hel - and more
Windows95 Annoyances Search
x86 Monthly Digest -- May '97
Xlink modems support (Aus)
Xlink Modems - Spice up your homepage with free gizmoz
ZD Equip

HTML Stuff

1st Page 2000 Support Forum
A Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator
AAA Free Backgrounds and Textures -
Australian Network Information Center
Doctor HTML v4
Evrsoft - Cool Software for Web Builders
FastSubmit - Submit your website to search engines for FREE!
Front page
Home of
HTML Documents
HTML 3 Title Page
HTML Tutorial, page 1
htmlZine Statistical Counter Service
Internet Software Technologies
JPEG image 600x200 pixels
MediaBuilder 3D Text Maker - Create Free 3D Banners for Your Web Pages!
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML
NetMechanic- Online Link Testing, HTML Validation
PCUG Help Page
Send Free Virtual Greetings at Absolutely Victorian!
Submit It! - The Net's most popular Web site promotion tool
Terry Goulds Home Page Graphics
The HTML Goodies Home Page - Thanks for stopping by...
The WDVL- Embedding Sound in Web Pages
The WDVL- HTML - The Hypertext Markup Language
Tru Realities- GIF89A Animation Gallery - 1, Groups 1 - 5
Val's Home Page - Internet Concepts
Web-Counter Creation Page
WebMag Online - The No#1 Resource for Web Builders
Welcome to CUI
Why Validate Your HTML
WWW Quick reference
WWW Help Page

As the Web Turns
David Brodbeck - Gull's Homepage- Humor Links
Drdata's Whimsical Sites
Excuse Generator
Fat Boy on the Infobahn - Jokes #2
Fat Boy on the Infobahn - Jokes
Greg's Micro$oft Humor Page.
I can't believe they said that...
If you can't take a joke . . .
Joke A Day's 1998 Yearbook
Joke du Jour is free, Free, FREE!
People Eating Tasty Animals
Random Light Bulb Joke
Taglines Galore!
The Far Side by Gary Larson
The Goon Show Archive
The Stupid Page
The Ultimate Collection of Murphy's Laws
Twisted Holidays
Wacky Patent of the Month
X-Weird of the Week


555-1212 - The most powerful and useful Web Directory
All4One Search Machine; Simultaneous results of 4 Web Search Engines in side by side frames.
Alta Vista- Simple Query
AltaVista- Main Page
ANU Library - Elisa - Subject access to the network
Archie request form
arribavista picture search
Ask Jeeves
AT&T Internet Toll Free 800 Directory
Australian Providers of Internet Access Services
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Beyond The Black Stump
BIBLIOMANIA, The Network Library- Home Page
BigBook Directory Search
Brent's Internet Jumpstation
Britannica Limited Search
CUI W3 Catalog
Define the ANZWERS you want!
DejaNews Research Service - homepage
Directory of Internet Service Providers in Canberra
E-Mail Directory
FAST MP3 Search - The World's Largest MP3 Search Engine
FreeNet - The Free Connection
Global Network Navigator Home Page
Google web search
HotBot SuperSearch
Hypertext Webster Interface
Imajika's Guide For New Users
i-net links- ISP directory
Inference Find! -- Home Page and Resource Center
Infoseek Guide Search- DBC MARKETING, INC
Insites - May 1995
Internet access providers around the world
Internet Address Finder
Internet FAQ Consortium
Internet Traffic Report
Internet White Pages - Welcome to!
Library of Congress Home Page
Lycos Search Form
Magellan Voyer
Mail2Web Gateway
Mosaic Home Page
OKRA- net.citizen Directory Service
OneWorld Home Page
ORG.AU Domain Registration Template
PC Users Group (ACT) Home page
PCUG (ACT) Australia- User Home Pages
Phone & Address Search - Iplex Global Ultimate Directory
Quote.Com Home Page
RocketMail - your free web-based e-mail
Scour - search for multimedia
Search Magellan
Telephone Directories on the Web
Telstra WHITE PAGES Search
The AltaVista™ search at Yellow Pages® site
The Australian White Pages(TM) Directory
The Internet Project, Canberra, ACT Australia
The Spider's Apprentice--Tips on Searching the Web
TIP - Web Statistics Query
UK Public Libraries on the Web
United Kingdom People Finder
Usenet - Gopher News Group
Veronica Search
Web Searching- Of Crawlers, Spiders, and Worms-WW June '95
WebCrawler Help- How WebCrawler Works
WebCrawler Searching
Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
WHITE PAGES(tm) Search
Yahoo - International Summary
Yellow Pages Australia Search Page
Yellow Pages Online, Inc. - Business Directory
Yellow Pages


ABC News and Entertainment
Capitol Records
CNBC Dow Jones Business Video
CNET Today - Technology News
CNN Videoselect
Dallas FW air traffic
EarthCam - Webcam Network
ESPN Sports
Fox News
Fox Sports
Hollywood Online
Internet Radio Guide
LAPD radio
MusicMatch - Jukebox Software, LocalArtists MP3 Free Music Catalog,
NBC VideoSeeker
TV Guide Entertainment Network
Universal Studios Online
Warner Bros. Hip Clips
What's On Now
Windows Media Showcase


A Brief History of the Internet
A&A Pacific Products Gallery Collectibles and Gifts
ACT older drivers site
Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
AdOnWeb Home Page
AdOnWeb's EnviroCards
Alicia's Attic NETCOM Links page Ask a question!
Antique Clocks by
Antiques On Line Australia - Home
AS5300 modem status results
ASR - aviation site register offers you thousands of links to aviation sites worldwide including usaf, warbirds, airforce, avia
Autotime Corporation
Bernina home page
'Best of Cheer' for 'Seniors, Siblings and Schoolies' AUS
Bletchley Park Home Page
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards #2
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health
Christmas Sites
Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! from Not Just for Kids!
Coffe and Chat (PCUG)
Computer Virus Myths home page
Computers Made Easy for Senior Citizens
Curt on the Net
Earthquake Information A new way to get answers from real Experts!
First Point Business Cards
Fix-it Guy Home Page
Free Craft Pattern Links
Global Computing, Inc. - On-Line Shopping!
Harvey Norman
HealthGate home page
HomeLink International-Home Page
Horology - The Index (The Science of Timekeeping, Clocks and Watches ) - - Your global resource guide to the Internet, covering
Hydroponics - How-To Hydroponics - build this hybrid hydroponic garden inexpensively & grow fresh flowers, produce, herb
ISIVN Home shopping store
Island Computer Solutions
ITC International Callback
JCPenney Home Page
Julie Oliver's Australian Cross-Stitch Patterns
Lactation and Related Resources
Leanne's worms
Melbourne Directory of VILLAGE ARTS- Ode to Publishers
Meniere's Disease
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year John and Betty
Microsoft - Seniors and Technology - Order Opening New Windows Video
Microsoft Personal Online Support from Product Support Services
Monash VISE page
Mr. Ken's World Wide Worm Links!
National Archives of Australia
Nursing Internet Resources v1.07
OnHealth - A New Way to Look at Everything
Oundle School
Palmer's Australian Politics
PCUG ACT Australia- Advanced Access time sales
Pentax Home Page
Polar Electro- What's new
Purchase Worms, Worm Farms and Worm Products from an Australian Worm Supplier.
Random Acts of Kindness
Search by Author, Title, and Subject
Seattle FilmWorks
SETI@home Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
SFNB Demo-Transaction Register
Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis
Skeleton Closet- All of the Scandals on All of the Presidential Election Candidates- Clinton, Dole, Nader, Gramm, Buchan
Sofcom - Australia - Directories, Home shopping mall, TV, Television, Arts and Entertainment, Web Publishing
Stitches of Canberra Home -
Supreme Chat
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front
Telstra Internet Call Waiting - Overview
ThatWeb '99 V3.0 FREE Email Retrieval Site
The 1997 Calendar of Wooden Boats
The Alexander Palace Time Machine
The Electric Postcard
The E-Minder Free Reminder-By-Email Service
The House of Maray
The Indecency Page
The International Home Exchange Network
The Internet Remote Printer Server
The Sharper Image Catalog
The X-Files Episode Guide (Main Page)
This is to estimate your life expectancy
TSR2 Homepage
Undernet Channel #50Plus HomePage
University of the Third Age - Canberra - ACT - Australia
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Web Kooponz - Free Coupons
Web Mill Business District - Teddy Bear Directory - Western
Welcome To HotWired!
Welcome to my Cave!!!
World Wide Words Home Page
WWW Access Stats for
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ABC Schedule
ACT Online
AFR Net Services #2
AFR Net Services
APP Guide
Australian News - Features - Opinion - News #2
Consumer Tips (Automation - Computers - Electronics)
Electronic Telegraph
Home Page - Zippo's News Service
Lockergnome - Free Windows 95-98-NT-2000 E-mail Newsletters
Los Angeles Times News
PointCast Home Page
SlashdotNews for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
Telstra Internet
The Age
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The Australian Online- Home page
The NEW Tower!
The New York Times on the Web
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Web Central Post
Welcome - My Virtual Reference Desk
Welcome to Australia Online!
Welcome to Newsclassifieds 2.1
Welcome to Newsclassifieds
Welcome to the BBC World Service
Welcome to the Pasadena Weekly


Australian PC User Global Interactive Edition
BetaNews.Com - Inside Information On Products Not Yet Released
Bootcamp...a report on computers and technology
HotWired- Net Soup
PC Computing's Universal Home Page
PC Week
Salon - Newsreal
Welcome to PC World Online!
Welcome to PC-Computing #2
Welcome to PC-Computing
Welcome to! The best 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and Information on the Internet!
Welcome to ZD Net
Windows Magazine- PC Tips, News & Reviews
Windows magazine - The Internet's Premiere Windows 95 Web Site - WindowsWorld on the Internet


A1 Shareware Evaluations
AntiViral Toolkit Pro
Benchmark Programs and softwares
Bob Cerelli's Windows95 Page
CacheSentry Downloads Page
Catch-UP Now!
CICA Windows Archive
Computer Virus Descriptions from F-PROT Professional by Data Fellows
Dial-Up Networking Password Is Not Saved
Dialup Networking Tools
Directory of -pub
DOWNLOAD.COM -- Welcome (printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.) -
Dunce - Vector Developemnt
Dynamite for Windows 95-98
Eudora Pro Email 4.0 Test Drive
Eureka's HTMLIB Mirror
Execute Catch·UP
FAST FTP Search v4.0 - The World's Largest File Search Engine
FerretSoft NetFerret
FilePile - Over 1,000,000 FREE Files! - Windows Troubleshooting Flowcharts
Freeware Home - Collection of Free Software and Internet Services
FSMACRO.DEF and F-MACRO downloads-updates
FTP Directory-
FTP Directory-
Games2Learn - Educational Children's Games
Hertz Technologies Inc.
Hutch's Windows 98 pages
Index of -micros-pc-SimTel-win3
Inoculan AntiVirus
Inoculan Virus Sig updates
InoculateIT Personal Edition - Update Area
Internet Explorer Bug
Intuit Home Page
IrfanView - Freeware Graphic Viewer
Lincoln Beach Software - Home of award winning HTML editor Web-It!, the 1996 Internet Tool of the Year!
McAfee Home Page
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Personal Online Support from Product Support Services
Microsoft Technical Support--Advanced Support Options
Microsoft Windows Family
Microsoft Word Info
Microsoft® and WUGNET® Best Choice Shareware
Modem Dialers & Utilities for Windows 95
MyDesktop Network Home
NetPro NorthWest Win95 MaxMTU Fix
Network Associates
OAK Repository - SimTel Windows Mirror Index
OAK Software Repository
Outlook Express User Tips
PC Utilities
PCComputing Getnow
Qualcomm's Eudora Place
Randy's Windows 95 Resource Center
Review of Microsoft DUN Upgrade
RighTime(tm) and Y2KPCPro(tm) (The RighTime Company, Miami) Quick Search Form
SlaughterHouse reviews
Software Downloads
Software Library - Windows Software
Software Net Products
Standard Anti-Virus Test File
Storm Software Home Page
Story- Unravel Win95 Mysteries With Our Stealth Toolkit
Stroud's CWSApps List - Main Menu
Stroud's CWSApps List - Windows 95-NT Apps
Text Chat for Windows 95
The ftp Command
The O'Reilly Windows Center
The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software ~ Software Index
Time & Chaos32 - Information Manager for Win95 and NT - PIM
Top Ten Cover Page
TUCOWS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations
UNIXhelp for users - Software And Driver Updates
W95 Software tips
Welcome to ArchiePlex
Welcome to CNET.COM
Welcome to Dll World
Welcome To McAfee
Welcome to MyDesktop Network Home
Welcome to
Welcome to TUCOWS
Welcome to TWEAK IT
Welcome to! The best 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and Information on the Internet!
Welcome to WOPR - Woody's Portal to Microsoft Office
Welcome to WOPR
What's New At TUCOWS
Windows 95 New Software for February 1st!
Windows 95 Software Library
Windows 95 Software
Windows95 Annoyances (Full Topic Index)
Windows95 OSR2 FAQ
Windows95 Registry Restore and Backup - Rescue 95
WinPlanet - A World of Premium Windows Information and Tutorials - October 19 1999 012714.
wusage has MOVED - The 32 Bit Software Archive #2 - The 32 Bit Software Archive Free Downloads
ZD Net Software Library - Top Rated Commercial Demos
ZDNet Software Library - Free File of the Day
ZDNet Software Library - Top Rated Windows 95-98-NT Programs
ZipMagic - Use Zip Files Without Unzipping Them!



Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Australian Space Home Page
Canberra Deep Space Tracking Station Linux based WWW server
Cassini- Voyage to Saturn
CSIRO Australia - Scientific and Industrial Research
Deep Space Network
DSN Outreach Program
Explore the Universe with NASA's Astro-2
Galileo SSI Team
Goddard Home Page
Human Space Flight (HSF) - Realtime Data
Kennedy Space Center Home Page
Life on Mars
Merritt Island Spaceflight Tracking & Data Network
Mission Thumbnail- Deep Space Network
NASA Headquarters (10-Mar-1995)
NASA Human Spaceflight
NASA Shuttle Web- NASA TV Streaming Video
NASA Shuttle Web- STS-77
NASA Shuttle Web- STS-80
NASA Shuttle Web- Tom Jones Preflight Interview
NASA Spacelink
NASA-Kennedy Space Center Home Page
New Scientist-Planet Science
NOVA Online To the Moon Hear the Space Pioneers
Project Galileo (JPL)
SatPasses Home Page
Science@NASA - Science.Nasa.Gov
SETI@home Windows Client Software
SNC Meteorites
Space Online and Richard Orloff present Apollo by the Numbers
Space Operations Management Office
Space Station Mir Visibility Data - Non-U.S. Cities (C)
Starhawk CD-ROM Collection
The Apollo Spacecraft - A Chronology. Table of Contents
The Astrobiology Web
Tracking Schedule
Welcome to New Millennium Program
Where No Man Has Gone Before- A History of Apollo Lunar Exploration Missions



About the Australian Capital Territory
Accommodation Search Engine Home Page (ASE)
ACT Online #2
ACT Online
Adrift Adventures
Alaska Travel Guide - Alaska Guides, Alaska Products, Alaska Lodging
All Travel Home Page
All travel reservations, cheap airfares and vacation packages, plus discount flights and package tours.
American Airlines Home Page
AMHS Ferry Schedule
ANU Online
Around Anchorage, Alaska
Australian Bureau of Statistics WWW Information Service
Australian Festivals, Events, Guesthouses, Hotels, B&B's and Apartments
Australian Speedtraps - the independent travel community
Bed and Breakfast Cape Cod
Bed and Breakfast, Twin Lakes, Colorado - Little Switzerland
Beyond ....The Black Stump Aussie Page Home Page
Canberra (our Capital City)
Canberra, Accommodation
City of Los Angeles Home Page
CitySearch Canberra
CitySearch- U.S. Map
Dollar Rent A Car Home Page
Ellison Air Tours
Expo Map
EXPO Ticket Office
FAMSF-Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
features - now on the Net - c-net travel guide
Florida Keys Information Access [Highly Rated]
Foreign Exchange Rates- Australian Dollar - United States Dollar
Gateway page
Grand Canyon River Running
Great Barrier Reef Visitors Bureau - North Queensland - Australia
Guide to Australia
Hertz Rent A Car
IAATC Air Courier Travel Home Page
Index to Cuisine Types 1997 Canberra Restaurant Book
India Online
Los Angeles Traffic Report
Magic Castle Page by Infobahn Xpress
Majesty Cruise Line 4-Night Page
MapQuest Services!
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas Welcome!
MapQuest! Welcome!
Marc-David's Chunk of the WEB -- Airlines of the WEB
McCafferty's Express Coaches Destinations
Museums in London
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, UK
Qantas Airways
Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History 950-1066AD
Royal British Legion Web Site
Royal Mail - Postal Services Guide
Status Sign In - Free Service for Frequent Travels
The Australia Index
The Friendly Skyline
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
The South Florida Mall -- Travel
The Travel Channel Online Network - Home Page ··· Everything for the business traveler except the stress ··· 1-888-4-THETRIP
TRAVEL - Internet Travel Network - Travel Reservations and Information
Travel Brochures Main Menu The Travel Specialists - Your Virtual Travel Agency.
Travelling AUSTRALIA - On the Internet
Virtual Tourist
Voyager Travel
WebMuseum- Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)
WebMuseum- Bienvenue! (Welcome from the keeper)
Welcome to Status
Welcome to the Yucatan Web
Whereis Australian Street Atlas
Yahoo! Maps
Zoological Society of San Diego Home Page


2,000+ live web cams - web cams of the world!
About The WebPhone
AIMS Lab World Wide Web
Animated Pages! The MicroMovie MiniMultiplex
April 1996--The Surfboard
Audio and Video via the Internet
Aus ABC NewsRadio-Listen
Beginner's guide to IRC
Call Works Home Page
Casio Homepage
Casio Introduces New Digital Camera
Classical MIDI Archives
CoolTalk Phonebook
DialWeb Instructions
Don Carroll's Midi-Riff-Bulge Page
EarthTalk International Telecommunications
ENSONIQ - Leading the World in Sound Innovation
ENSONIQ - What's New
Free World Dialup Home Page
FreeVue Owner's Manual and Services
Full Duplex Audio
Gerd's MIDI Pages- The Collection
Interactive Model Railroad, Univ. Ulm
Internet Phone Release 4 - Video Upgrade
Internet Phone Release 4- Order Form
Internet Phone
Internet Telephone Company - WebPhone(tm)
IRIS Phone - The Best In Internet Telephony
Laserbaud CD-ROMp - jukebox Free Music Downloads, Audio Software, Hardware, Genres, News
MPEG Movie Archive
Music Music Music to Soothe the Savage Beast
Netscape Users
NetSpeak Corporation
OzVideo - TALES OF HOFFMAN, THE (1981)
Peeping Tom Homepage - live police & fire broadcasts
Qtalk home page
Quicknet - Purchase the Internet PhoneJACK
Real Audio Music Oldies 50s 60s 50's 60's Nostalgic Nostalgia Wanderer
SimuFlite presents DFW Area Air Traffic Control
Southern California's Country
Telebits - February 1996
The Online Guitar Archive
The Voice on Net Home Page
Timecast- Your RealMedia Guide #2
Timecast- Your RealMedia Guide
Tribal Voice - The PowWow Page
Unofficial Ensoniq Soundscape Home Page
UTalk - The home of UTalk Voice Over Internet for ICQ - FREE to download and use for 5 minute calls, why type when you can talk Why pay LD rates when after registering UTalk, you can communicate for free
VON WebDiscussion Group
Voxware Gateway
WebCam Central
Welcome To Cakewalk
Welcome to Global Exchange Carrier
Welcome to INTERNET-RADIO.COM [index.html
Welcome to Mediatrix Peripherals Inc.
Welcome To PoliceScanner.Com
Welcome to Real Audio !
Welcome to RealMedia !
Welcome to Sound Blaster Live!
Welcome to The Broadcast Network on the Internet
Welcome to the Homepage of KYKR Radio


ANU Weather Service
Australian National University Bioinformatics
Chris Loader's Home Page
GIF image 640x512 pixels
INTELLICAST- Canberra Weather
INTELLiCast- USA Weather
Melbourne Bureau of Meteorology
Precis Forecast for Canberra
Recorded Temperatures for Canberra
Weather & Flood Information
Weather & global monitoring
Weather Information Superhighway

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