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We received our first Christmas card and letter some time ago so I thought I had better get my skates on and start organising our yearly news into I hope a happy letter.

Big event in February; Timothy took Sheri his girlfriend to the coast and another friend organized a dinner with flowers and food on tables on the beach where Timothy proposed to Sheri and he was accepted. So April the first was the engagement party at Sheri’s parent house, Helen and David, also in Chifley. The party was a great success the meeting of both families and friends. They have planed to marry in February 2007 and most of the arrangements are already been finalized so it just the waiting now.

Timothy and Sheri bought a house in Conder not far from Hilary’s; it was with relief for us as now we had our garage, terrace and a room under the house back and empty;

Sampson, Timothy’s dog, tore the cruciate ligament in both knees about four weeks apart and he had a slow recovery and he seems happy in their new house with no steps. Timothy and Sheri bought a Bengal Kitten so Sampson wouldn’t be so lonely when they are at work.

Catherine and Michael came from Brisbane for the party and Catherine again in September for a visit. Her family are all doing well. Andrew has improved since they changed his diet.

John and I travelled overland to Brisbane in April to visit with Catherine and Co and to see my brother, Noel, who turned 70 this year, and my two sisters with their spouses. It is good to get together for fun instead of a wedding or a funeral. We had a fantastic lunch in the mountains north of Brisbane and the view was all the way to the coast and back to Brisbane. John and I had a leisure trip back along the coast visiting friends on the way to Kiama where we had a few days before getting home to computers and phone.

Timothy completed his enrolled nursing course and he has a permanent job in Accident and Emergency in Canberra Hospital; he enjoys the work; Sheri works on the front desk there too. Both on shift work.

In June, we were invited to see Hilary’s second daughter, Tamara, being presented with her Queen’s Scout medal; Emma number three daughter of Hilary’s, was the MC of the afternoon. Jessie number four daughter was on the door. They are all bright kids.

Penny was also given an award for excellence in Teaching but we didn’t get to see that one presented. Terry is still at Tidbinbilla and has been promoted in charge of one of the teams. Terry is still trying to finish the house extensions in his spare time. The two girls are doing well at school and at the piano. I baby sit for them when Penny has a problem with her main baby sitter.

Timothy’s 33rd birthday will be remembered as he graduated in the afternoon; Penny was in the Academic Procession and sitting on stage looking pretty during the procedures. In the evening Timothy and Sheri put on a barbecue for the two families and it was also a house warming party.

Hilary had a Hysterectomy during the year and is now, back working at the hospital.

John is still flat-out doing computers for others and web sites for the up coming Family reunion for the Saxons and two other families in New Zealand in March 2007; we have booked our tickets for the occasion.

We are celebrating Christmas at Hilary’s house this year even though Hilary, Timothy and Sheri are going to work at the hospital in the afternoon.

I have been keeping the house and garden in order and doing my cross stitch; I am on the 6th one for this year. I enjoy doing the cross stitch as I have been getting talking books from the library to listen too while working them. I will give the cross stitch a miss next year.

We had a peaceful time for our 41st wedding anniversary in November, at Bateman’s Bay and we visited the Mogo Zoo and Bird land, and Animal Park at Bateman’s Bay; we managed to get into places half price and found some cheap but tasty eating places along the coast.

The birds in the garden keep me amused in the morning and evenings and I kept the camera handy just in case there is a good shot to be had.

Cannot think of any think else to bore you with.

So, all the best for Christmas and the coming year, see you in another year.

Love, Betty and John