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Me (21Kb)First the obligatory photo (Betty stars in the Canberra Autumn photo and below). This one was taken on the top deck of a cruise ship visiting Key West, Florida - looks like a great place to live if you could afford it!

As you can see I'm a fairly old bloke. Born in Northwest London (England) in 1935, middle of 5 kids and the only boy. We were evacuated to Northwest Wales at the start of WW2 but returned to London for much of the blitz and all of the V1s and V2s. I spent some of the "Welsh" time at a boarding school in Herefordshire - pretty tough for a 7 year old. But (except for the rationing) on the whole I enjoyed WW2 - very exciting times for a 7-10 year old! But I doubt if my parents enjoyed it at all.

Then off to one of the lesser English "Public" schools at age 12 for 5 years. The main lessons learned there were a hatred of the English class system, and a lifetime abhorrence of all forms of ritualised violence - specially capital and corporal punishments. Couldn't wait to leave and start Work - when I did, it was wonderful! People actually called you by your first name!

Work took me on a couple of visits to Australia (for some impressions Click here) - after those visits I couldn't wait to get back there. Specially because I married Betty from Queensland, and we finally emigrated here in 1966 with our 8 week old first daughter. Now 35 years later we have a total of 4 children (3 girls and a boy) and 8 grandchildren (7 girls and 1 boy) - so far! So here we all are - mostly in Canberra. 

Rather old group photo (60Kb)I (partly) retired in 1995 and enjoy several hobbies (including PC stuff) and volunteering (mostly PC stuff). While working for NASA I made many trips to the USA and if I ever want to be reminded what the LA Freeway traffic is like, I check out LA freeway speeds. A fun site (and actually quite useful if you are living there).

We've made a few trips back to England and I really enjoy the fact that everything is so OLD over there! I used to know London fairly well, but doubt if I could even find my way around these days. But I can still enjoy it in the virtual world. Why not try London museums?

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