2003 (Picnic?)

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Here's the brief Email report - sent on 28 Apr 2003:

G'day all....
Well the forecasts were spot on - the only rainy day since before Christmas
(Except for 1 day in Feb) has come and gone. My guess is that we got 10-20mm
total - mostly during the picnic time {:-((
I made the mistake of believing the web radar at
http://mirror.bom.gov.au/products/IDR403.loop.shtml (the 128Km Canberra one)
which indicated that things were going to get better. So pitched the tent in
the rain expecting things to improve, but that was not to be. Finally an
Emissary from the Hellenic club (in the form of Mike Dinn) appeared, who
told about 20 of us huddled around the tent, that there was another group of
more sensible souls who had gone straight to the Club! It did not take too
much persuasion to have us de-camp to drier surroundings.....
The club worked out well - even had some live music to compete with the
reminiscing - though most missed lunch due to pressure of story telling.
A total in the mid 30s was achieved despite the weather. I won't list all
the attendees but would like to make special mention of Eric & Di Jones who
drove quite a few hundred Kms from the Albury area. Eric is the official
NASA historian for the Apollo Lunar surface activities and runs the superb
web site at http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/ check it out! Also it was great to
see Judy Wise who drove from Kiama and Paddy & Esme Sheehy from Mollymook
(Both places on the NSW S. coast for our American subscribers).
Sorry we were not too well organised for the wet weather - but we had almost
forgotten what that is (dry again today - of course). But everyone seemed to
be enjoying themselves despite everything {:-))
Next year we will have to seriously consider holding the event earlier in
the year, as we've had poor to bad weather 3 years out of 4 - but we'll let
you know.
I'll see if I can acquire some more web space and perhaps publish some
pictures that Betty took.
Great to see everyone - let's do it again in about 10-11 months!
All the best..... JohnS

Finally - after 3 1/2 months.... Here's some pictures.
Click any picture to enlarge -then use the Back button in your Browser.

Martin & Ginette Geasley

Kathy Bissicks, Paddy Sheehy, Esme Sheehy

Joan Rae?, Lettie Megee, Madge Johnson

Trudy Dinn, Lyn Dinn, Terry Dinn

Di Jones, Eric Jones, Mike Dinn

Hamish Lindsay

Looking happy despite the rain

John Saxon

Soaking wet - Preparing 'moved to Hellenic club' sign

Geoff Seymour

Looking happy despite the weather

Margaret Reid, Mike Dinn

Phil Rutherford, Robyn Rutherford

Gretta Stubbs, Ginette Geasley, Dick Stubbs

Rex Hofmeier, Roy Rae

Jackie French, Margaret Reid, ??

Judy Wise, Col Power, Joan Power

Andrew Tupulski

Col Power, Graham Fraser

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