2006 reunion report

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I thought this reunion was very successful. As far as I could tell - most of us seemed to have a good time at the lunch.

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it, and a special thankyou to Stan Lebar who came down from Maryland USA to thank us for our support during the Apollo Program. Stan brought down one of the Apollo-11 camera prototypes (probably valued at US $1M plus) and his wife Elaine & sons Mark and Scott. Actually I am not sure who brought who - but it was great to meet them all. Stan's speech at the lunch obviously came from the heart, and is well covered on the Colin's Honeysuckle 'official' web site  and also on John Sarkissian's Parkes web site Actually those two sites have made this page somewhat redundant. But I do want to express my thanks to all concerned.
Incidentally Bryan Sullivan brought along the switch behind Stan in this photo - most ex-HSK people will recognise it!



I was also delighted that Ed VonRenouard of 'Video Von' fame was able to make it all the way from U.K. via Adelaide. Ed was accompanied by his son Mark who drove up from Adelaide. Also Nev Eyre came down from Bunderim with Sue. Nev also supported most of the Apollo missions at the video console, and it was terrific that all the video types could finally get together. Ed is shown between Stan and Mike Dinn on the left. Ed brought THE TV inversion switch and the associated circuit board, plus biomed chart recordings and other memorabilia from the UK, and later presented them to Glen Nagle for retention and display at the CDSCC Space Centre. Thanks Ed.

We had attendees from the Carnarvon site, CDSCC, Orroral, Deakin Switch, Parkes and other centres as well as Ex-HSK people. See this page for a full list of attendees. But I must also mention John (Jock) Mann and his wife Jackie who came up from the wilds of Flowerpot well south of Hobart...

On the evening of the same day (it seemed like a long day to me), but it  must have seemed much longer to Stan and family, Stan gave a very successful talk at the National Museum, all very interesting stuff which would have required a lot of preparation (and great support from Son Scott :-) - so thanks once again. It was also very good that Glen Nagle (who manages the CDSCC visitor's centre) was able to bring along another video camera - this one also designed by Stan and his team and it was flown on the Apollo-Soyuz mission (followed by several Skylab flights and a shuttle flight?). Many thanks for that Glen.

Other pages may be of interest - see the links above and below, and Betty (as usual) took photos and posted them on our photo site at http://community.webshots.com/album/548635197PAJWSv or http://tinyurl.com/j7to9 for a shortened version.

Lastly, I hereby give notice that the next two reunions will be in the form of Picnics at the HSK site with notice via the  Email list, and hopefully very little organisation {:-)) But the A-11 40th Anniversary on 21st July 2009 may the last big one.

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John Saxon 27 Mar 2005