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 Stan Lebar , joined the Westinghouse Corporation in Baltimore in 1953 as an engineer and retired in 1986 as a member of the Program Management team of an Air Force Space Satellite Intelligence Program. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering. 

Stan LebarDuring his Westinghouse career, he served as the Program Manager for the Apollo TV Camera which recorded Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the lunar surface on July 1969. Subsequent programs managed were the development of the Apollo Color TV Camera, the Skylab TV Camera series and the TV cameras for the Apollo-Soyuz U.S.-Soviet Cooperative Space Program.  

In addition to providing the television cameras capable of operating from both the Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft and remotely controlled on Earth, Mr. Lebar was tasked to coordinate the worldwide television transmission from space from both the Soyuz and Apollo spacecraft received in the United States and the Soviet Union and distributed to the countries around the world where it was then retransmitted to the worldwide audience. 

Upon retiring from Westinghouse he has performed extensive community service including service on the Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks Guidance Committee.  

He is one of  the founding members of the Friends Of Anne Arundel County Trails (formely the Friends of the B&A Trail) and served as  President of The Friends Of The B&A Trail . He presently serves the Friends of the Friends of Anne Arundel County Trails as Past President and a member of the Board of the Friends of the Anne Arundel County Trails. He is Chairman of the Planet Walk Committee and performs the duties of the Program Manager for the Planet Walk Program which will replicate our 3.2 billion miles of our Solar System and scaled to 4.6 miles on the B&A Trail Park. The sun and nine planets will each be housed in a designated semi-enclosed Planet Station that will include interesting and scientific information of each planet and an original sculpture Work of Art depicting a defining characteristic of the planet. NASA Goddard has joined in partnership in the building of the Planet Walk and designs and oversees, designs and produces the technical displays for each of the Planet Stations. 

Mr. Lebar has resided in Anne Arundel County since 1953 and presently resides in the Severn River community of Ben Oaks in Severna Park, Maryland.

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