HSK Apollo-11 TV

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These pictures of one of the HSK TV monitors were taken using a Polaroid camera on 21 Jul 1969. Most of them will be lower quality than many released by NASA which would have been received at either the Goldstone or Parkes 64M antenna, while HSK was only 26M diameter. But some may find them interesting.

I finally got round to scanning them in August 2003. I suspect they were taken by Bernie Scrivenor (the official PR person at the time) and they are annotated on the back. Those notes are shown in blue/bold. I scanned the pictures in high resolution and sent them on CD to Colin Mackeller (a great Apollo enthusiast) in Sydney, and to Eric Jones (Editor of NASA's Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, see http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/ ) in Wodonga VIC. Eric will no doubt be posting the pictures somewhere on the Lunar Surface journal site, and Colin has posted his set at http://www.zipworld.com.au/~cm/Apollo_11/ He did some great work cleaning and compressing the pictures and has provided the following notes.

The first frame was taken while the international TV audience was still seeing poor quality pictures from Goldstone.
At least the second and third frames were taken during the period Sydney Video and the international audience were taking Honeysuckle and before Parkes came online.
(Note the lights at Honeysuckle reflected at the top of the screen.)

A11TV01.jpg 116KB

Armstrong descending

44s after TV circuit breaker in (everyone else is seeing Goldstone, which has just switched from an upside-down picture)

A11TV02.jpg 81KB

Armstrong on lunar soil

Acually, immediately before (just after "now and then, it's very fine"), 2m02s after TV on. Switch to HSK came at 1m44secs

A11TV03.jpg 80KB


4m 36sec after start of TV. "Some evidence of rays emanating" (just before the International audience switches back to Goldstone)

A11TV04.jpg 88KB


A11TV05.jpg 97KB

Armstrong depositing contingency sample

A11TV06.jpg 88KB

Armstrong talking Aldrin down

A11TV07.jpg 81KB

Armstrong checking Aldrin's position

A11TV08.jpg 42KB

Armstrong getting ready to take Aldrin's photo

A11TV09.jpg 54KB

Aldrin descending

A11TV10.jpg 82KB

Aldrin reaching for the moon

A11TV11.jpg 48KB

Footsteps on the moon (After camera repositioning)

A11TV12.jpg 63KB


A11TV13.jpg 69KB

Aldrin setting up Solar Wind experiment

A11TV14.jpg 67KB

Aldrin removing cover from Solar Wind experiment

A11TV15.jpg 59KB

Armstrong returning after setting up camera

A11TV16.jpg 67KB

Armstrong (Right) and Aldrin

A11TV17.jpg 45KB

Armstrong and Aldrin saluting after the President's speech

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