Old HSK Pictures (Internal)

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Most of these pictures were taken by Bob Burns (ex-Goddard Aircraft Simulation team leader) and Hamish Lindsay (Official HSK photographer and Author).

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Antenna control console.

Ian Anderson driving

Antenna Position and Tracking data processors

Frank Campbell attending

Part of Comms Room

Martin Geasley & Merl Stokes (hatch through to Ops console).

Command computer and IO console.

Bryan Sullivan and (Gordon Bendall?)

Telemetry Computer and I/O console.

(Gordon Bendall?) standing & Bryan Sullivan

Computer tape drives.

Peter Cohn (foreground) and Bryan Sullivan

Command computer

Ron Hicks

Data Demods (SDDS).

Rich Murdas & John Mitchell (right)

Frequency standards and Timing Distribution

Clive Cross looking cool.

Ops Console

John Saxon & Ken Lee (Foreground)

Ops Console again

Note lack of meters etc!

Twin Ranging equipment racks

Bernie Smith - Almost the only person who understood it!

Receivers, Exciters and Transmitter controls

From left. Bruce Cameron, Len Litherland, Eric Gadd

Telemetry Analog recorders

Pre Apollo-15 Matrix switches and Bruce Withey

Telemetry PCM demods & simulator.

Clive Cross sitting and Eric Stallard

Test Eqipment - note Wooden furniture!

Wally Smallwood

Keith Hiscock and Fred Hill (Standing)

Looking 'Techo' in the Comms Centre

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