Old HSK Pictures (Other)

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These are some miscellaneous photos that are not directly in or about Honeysuckle.

Most of these pictures were taken by Bob Burns (ex-Goddard Aircraft Simulation team leader) and Hamish Lindsay (Official HSK photographer and Author).

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Three Nasa SuperConstellations

At least one Apollo simulation aircraft

Connie NASA 421

The one that normally came to HSK

NASA 421 Airborne

Goddard Connie

NASA 421

Out to pasture?

NASA 422 (Battan)

McArthur's old aircraft?

Who is this guy?

Dennis Wiltshire

Ex Stadir Orroral Valley STDN site

Goldstone Receivers etc.

Bill Wood cracking the whip

Robert Goddard

Early rocket pioneer

Goddard Space Flight Centre (GSFC) today

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