HSK Team Photos Circa 1975/6

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These photos were leant to me by Martin Geasley
They were taken by Hamish Lindsay in Oct 1976 to celebrate the Viking missions to Mars.
Later as the team size went to 3 people! There is a faint possibility that the Maintenance Team may be from a slightly different era.

I'd appreciate help in filling in the last name (so sorry I can't remember everyone - blame it on early onset Alzheimer's).

Maintenance Team

Back Row: Geoff Ruck, Fred Hill, Roy Rae, Neil Sandford
Front Row: Bill Waugh, Bill Perrin, Nev Eyre, Ted Burt, ??? sorry, Bernie Smith

Laurie Turner's Team D.

Back Row: Stirling Finlay, Les Hughes, Laurie Turner
Front Row: Phil Maier, Terry Hearn

Len Litherland's Team C.

Tony Gerada, Paul Mullen, Alan Vonthetoff, Brian Hale, Len Litherland

Martin Geasley's Team B.

Martin Geasley, Albert (Lew) Lewis, Tony Van der Putten, Kevin Gallegos, John Heart, Paul Hutchinson

Tony Salvage's Team A.

Henry Field, Peter Gavin, John McLeod, Tony Salvage, Angel Ioannou


All corrections and suggestions to me please jsaxon@pcug.org.au

John Saxon Feb 2005

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