Honeysuckle site signs

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    For many years after the extensive vandalism and bulldozing of the buildings - only a very small sign near the site of the old microwave tower remained to tell the casual visitor that there had been a space tracking station there. The sign did mention that the video of Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon had been sent from there. The sign was paid for from Mike Dinn's CDSCC budget but really did not explain too much.

    In 1999 the "Minister for everything" Brendan Smyth opened the "Honeysuckle Camp Grounds" (note the Americanism) in the old visitor's car park, and we took the opportunity of suggesting that some better signs might be appropriate for such a historic site. Brendan eventually approved the funds and on 6th October 2000 - the signs were officially "launched" by Brendan Smyth and Dr. Mirium Baltuk the NASA representative to Australia. Some pictures from the gala event follow. Click a picture for an enlarged view (and use the browser BACK button to return to this page).

Mirium & Brendan after opening.jpg (29999 bytes)Mirium & Brendan after the unveiling.

Brendon Speech.jpg (43661 bytes)Brendan made a speech

Mirium made a speech  Mirium Speech.jpg (39681 bytes)





Mike Dinn Speech.jpg (22513 bytes)Mike made a speechHamish Speech.jpg (18899 bytes)

Hamish made a speech

Even I made a speech

JohnS Speech again.jpg (32714 bytes)

John Saxon Speech.jpg (45073 bytes)To the assembled multitudes

Breakfast crowd.jpg (47714 bytes)Breakfast was popularView from Antenna.jpg (55652 bytes)

Big sign.jpg (30687 bytes)Here is one of the bigger signs

Bigger sign.jpg (29950 bytes)This is a bigger sign

My Grand daughter insisted on

being included

A sign plus granddaughter.jpg (43452 bytes)

Middle sign.jpg (49781 bytes)This sign helps when star gazing

Antenna sign.jpg (39721 bytes)There are four signs around the "symbolic" antenna.








Anyhow - for those in the Canberra area - it's worth taking a drive up to the site - they even have a brand new road sign on the Naas road - which finally returns the correct road name to Apollo road.

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