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Welcome to my pages.

My name is John Saxon and I live in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. Which is a pretty nice place to live. One of the nicest places (best kept secret) in one of the nicest countries.....

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Like to know more about Canberra? - checkout the link at the top of this page

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If you want my personal, work and hobby details, but be WARNED - this stuff is blatantly autobiographical. If such material offends, surf on to the manned space flight stuff!

Have also got into a bit of Genealogy over the last few years. So feel free to checkout my Genealogy pages, also our family tree at and some pages on reunions in New Zealand at

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Space flight

I spent over 30 years working indirectly for NASA - mainly here in Australia but with varying periods in USA. The link above details some of this period including (parts of) a book written by my friend Hamish Lindsay, which covers manned space flight from the Sixty's through the Seventy's (the golden age in my opinion). The book is written from the perspective of the Astronauts and with many comments from ground staff (mostly Australian). Also there is information about Honeysuckle Creek and Tidbinbilla tracking stations and reunion picnics. For the real scoop about Honeysuckle (and other tracking stations) visit Colin Mackellar's great pages at

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This project is first brought me to Australia in the early 60's. These days we are heavily into nostalgia and we held reunions in 1999 and 2001. See also Bryan Wetton's pages at

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Other sites and pages

11 Feb 2017 Updated Honeysuckle page and contact list

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