IRC Networks

There are a number of IRC networks to choose from. EFNet is the oldest and the
biggest, while Undernet is one of the most popular. A hunt for IRC networks using a Web search engine will list many more.
Chat happens in chat rooms called channels, which are located on these IRC
network servers, and accessed simply by using IRC software. These channels
are known by names such as #newbies, #mangoes, and #kinky, and cover every
theme or topic imaginable.
Called a 'client', the software is free or costs a minimal amount, and can be
downloaded from many shareware Web sites. The clients displays your own and
other people's text-chat on the channel virtually as it is typed.
IRC can be serious, silly, fun, educational, and incredibly boisterous.
Topics range from the user's location and country, to pets, musical
interests, and all the racy things that most IRC users would never repeat
to their mother. mIRC is one of the most popular chat clients available
today. Let's get it.

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